Graduated and surprise!

by - December 28, 2018

Assalamualaikum loves! As I promised in the previous entry on how my graduation looks like. Here you go! Hope you will love this entry because of I kinda excited to share what happened on my graduation day. This entry is going to be really long. So, just suck it all guys.

So, I graduated on 26 November 2018 which it has been a month that I'm officially graduated. I was kinda want to post this story on 26 December but guess what, I couldn't because I have my first final paper since I called myself a Master student. Basically, this is my first final examination as a Master student.

Back to the story! I was in the first session which means my batch is the first batch that going to receive our degree in this convocation event. So, we, need to gather in front of Dewan Canselor UTeM at 7.30 in the morning. Guess what? I woke up at 5 AM and I was freaking sleepy. I swear to God. Actually, that night my family and I were kinda busy. For what? Just keep reading!

I woke at 5 because I booked a MUA to make up me for my convocation. It's a special day! So why not, right? Besides, I can do whatever I want because I want to look pretty when receiving my whole four years of hard work being as an Engineering student. Getting ready and all, my sister accompanied me to the MUA's house at 6 AM because she slept with me in the hostel. I agreed to meet the MUA at 6 AM. Thanks to Kak Maja, I definitely love her touch! She finished my makeup an hour later. I asked her to make it more of sweeter looks and of course keep it simple because my dad definitely not going to impressed if I have a heavy look. Well, it's only a convocation after all. I was so happy that she complimented my skin, she said that my skin looks healthy without acne and scar. I don't have a problem skin which made her work much easier because of less foundation, less concealer. It looks like heavy but it's not. Probably because of her good camera with a very good lighting. Babe, she used Chanel loose powder on my face, I chocked. Maybe because of the professional touch, even using less product can have a look like this. Plus, I never did my brows like that. Happily look at her Instagram guys, just search @majahenna. That's her account and you can see all of her works.

Exactly 7.00 AM, we went back to UTeM and straight to Dewan Canselor. Luckily, I went there really early, before the parents came. I parked my car near to the library and walked to the hall. The distance between these places really not that far. My family didn't arrive yet at that time because I already stayed in UTeM but they were from my hometown in Jasin. And all the students waited in the big white canopy next to the hall before went it. Meeting all of my friends. We were so excited sometimes we forgot to take pictures together. Like what the hell Ashikin.

I think one of the best parts is having a best friend like this cute sister here. I mean, we are actually growing up together. Went to the same school from Form 1 to Form 5. Later went to Science Foundation in UiTM Puncak Alam. Then, 4 years in UTeM, taking the same course as an engineering student. It has been 11 years with this sister. Love towards you uncountable lah!

Right after all the huhahuha outside the hall, all the student need to enter the hall. It just like a normal convocation event. And you guys can imagine that already. Here, this is how half of our hall looks like when the students filled the chairs.

But the most waited moment is me walking on the stage, receiving my degree. If you want to see the video, you can click here. I was so awkward waking on the stage, but most of it, I was so uncomfortable because of my shoes. I bought shoes with an inch of heels. When the day I bought the shoes, everything was perfectly fine. Till the convocation day. Of course, I wore stoking. And my stocking made my feet slippery when I wore it. I decided to put a lot of tissue inside it to make it tighter. But, not that successful as I wish to. That's why you can look that I kinda walked like a penguin, swayed left to right.

This picture is so funny. I was actually didn't know there will another shot after I received my scroll. 'That's why I have "I'm so done" kinda face.

Everything went great that day but a bad thing happened. I dropped my phone and literally, the screen immediately blackout. I don't know how many time my phone crashed. That's why my graduation pics literally not so many on my phone. Some of the pics taken by my phone, some of it by families. *new phone otw*

Unlike some of my friends, I really really really spent my graduation day with my families. I was so grateful that all of my family from Kedah came and celebrating my graduation. My tok and tokwan were shown on the big screen so many times and I was literally smiling when I see them hahaha it's so cute to see an old couple because they're so sweet. I cannot! I kinda don't feel like to spend time with my friends because I think this is the day to show me how grateful and thanking my family by showing my success.

After the ceremony ended, I directly went to the photo booth because my family waited for me there already to take family pictures. I was so happy that my mom and dad bought me a big beautiful bouquet of flowers. It was so pretty! Orange and yellow. After that, all of us went to the big canopy whereas there were celebrities came because my Makngah waited for me there with flowers. And, I was so overwhelmed that my Maklong asked Makngah to gave me flowers too. It was a very memorable day.

We went to a small photo booth to take more pictures. That day was scorching hot and literally sweating a lot! But my makeup still maintained pretty *flip hair*. I'm going to spam all the pictures down below. Keep scrolling down and wait for my biggest announcement

After a moment later of taking pictures under the sun. My fiancee came! Yeah, I'm introducing you the man who steals my heart. Love you honey bear! Isn't he looks like a bear? The best thing that he came with another bouquet of flowers. His family gave it to me. So I got three bouquets that day!!! I was so overwhelmed and happy. Sayang, we did it!


I became his fiancee a day before our graduation day.


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  1. omg firstly congrats!!!! already graduated :') i was smiling the whole time reading your post! im so happy for you :) and secondly sis, you're so gorgeous!! hehe cantik sangaaat. im only 15 and i hope i can make my parents proud too like you! xoxo

    1. Awww thank you sayang. I'm glad that you love my post <3 Don't worry, you will make them proud of you too!

  2. wahhhh , double congrats !!! btw utem same Uni dengan kawan saya la . Nama dye syafira samsun . kalau kenal la , tak silap sye dye amek Engineering jugak . semoge terus berjaya dengan step yang seterusnya .

  3. Cantiknya make up dia! congratulations ekin for both event. officially graduated and became someone fiancee :)

  4. double congratulations!

    salam dari

  5. Congraaaaaaatulations! You survived <3

  6. Salam singgah dan follow :) BTW congrats!

  7. good post 😊 would you like to follow each other? if the answer is yes, please follow me on my blog & i'll follow you back.