My Master Life

November 18, 2018

The only picture that I have on my registration day for my Master. Sorry for the quality because this was taken by my brother's phone ><

Hello my lovelies!

Omg! I was away from my blog for too long! I can't simply recap how my life is going through all these months.

I finally a Master student! *clap for me* How is it? It's definitely not easy. Even to get a degree is blood, sweat and tears of hard work *phew* not to mention my Master. I'm taking Master of Electronic Engineering which my major is Electronic System. My class definitely not crowded with students because probably we only have 20 students *sorry I didn't count* not as much when I was taking my degree. I still didn't get on the stage for getting my degree because right after I ended my degree, I immediately applied for my Master using my final CGPA. I will be taking my degree this Monday which on 26th. Please look forward to my convocation post! I hope I'm not too lazy updating this old blog!

As I was taking my Master in the same university, of course, some of the lecturers already know me. I don't know I can consider myself as an important person in the class, I guess the lecturers expect me to know everything about the faculty, I always end up being the class representative which doubled my work. I need to send all the notes, keeping up with lecturers. Oh! I was listed to be one of MPP for Master students. I was like noooooo! I'm not into this stuff because I found out this stuff is annoying as I need to attend meetings, doing proposals, do some events. I'm not a leadership person even I always am the leader in my group. But this kind of leadership is really not me. How my name is listed as MPP? A simple word, my faculty dean recommended me to be one of the MPP. That's the story. No need to worry! I kindly reject the offer because like I said I'm not interested in this kind of job. If I like to be a MPP, lama dah minta masa degree dulu. I know MPP is a great position in university but the responsibility that I need to carry, sorry I think I just can't do the job. My assignments already a mountain high, now I need to think about other students. *sorry not sorry*

I'm taking Master by class, a similar concept like taking a degree. I have classes, assignments and taking final. There are three different type of Master; by course (like me), mix mode and research. If you guys want to have a miserable life for one and a half year with pack schedule, pick Master by course like me. If you want to have a leisure study life for Master, you can do the research because of no time limit for you to graduate. For me, I prefer having a packed schedule of class and have tons of assignments because I want to finish my Master early. I can't take a risk if I unable to finish my project if I took research. It's up to you guys after all.

Why I took Master and not work first? I got this question for hundred times. I think my path for me to have a better job in the future is by taking Master and become a Master holder. Because degree holder literally is a wave of the ocean, so many people owned a degree. I want to high up my qualification to have a good career. So, that's my answer! And plus, why bother if I'm taking Master kan? This choice is the best for me. Do you! My course is one and half year. My faculty has their target which they want their Master students that took by course will able to graduate within one and half year. It's a short period of time if tell me. So, I will going to graduate as a Master holder in 2020. Pray for me guys!

I think that's all for now. Keep looking forward for my degree convocation post!

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